Forward Hotel Taipei - Nangang Branch

台北南港區住宿|高鐵75折起! 飯店聯票限定12/16~02/28新年雙享好事成雙專案|Forward Hotel台北馥華南港館

New Year Event : Taiwan High Speed Rail Ticket 20%~25% off.

活動期間: 2022/12/16~2023/02/28

[High-speed rail hotel coupons] From now until the end of February, you can enjoy 25% off on additional high-speed rail tickets (New Year's Day 12/30~2023/1/3, Spring Festival 1/18~1/30 and Peace Memorial Day 2/24~2/ Enjoy 20% off on rides during the 28 Shuai period)


  1. This event is limited to two persons per room (with breakfast included). If an additional person is to be accommodated, an additional NT800 per person per night will be charged, with a limit of one additional person. (including breakfast and amenities).
  2. The price of this project is inclusive of tax and service charge.
  3. The hotel check-in time is 15:00 pm and the check-out time is 11:00 am.
  4. Those over 10 years old (excluding 10 years old) are shown as adults occupying a bed.
  5. If 6 years old (inclusive) ~ 10 years old (inclusive) whom do not need to occupy a bed, there is additional NTD 300 per person per night (with free breakfast, no amenitites). If under 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) whom do not need to occupy a bed, it is free of charge (with free breakfast, no free amenities).
  6. For stays of 2 consecutive nights or more, you will get one bottle each of hotel selected shampoo 500ml & body wash 500ml (Limited to one set per room only).
  7. Must book a room before you can purchase the discounted high-speed rail ticket. If cancelling the hotel reservation, must also cancelling the high-speed rail ticket.


※Available Branches:Forward Hotel Taipei - Songjiang Branch, Forward Hotel Taipei - Nangang Branch, and Simple+ Hotel (Forward Hotel Taipei - Dunbei Branch)

※Please note that for orders paid by LINE PAY, if the date of cancellation is more than 60 days after the original booking date, a handling fee will be charged.